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September 22, 2007

Laura Griffin’s One Last Breath

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Feenie Malone is broke, bitter and still feeling betrayed by her greedy, unfaithful ex-husband. While covering a fluff story for her South Texas paper, Feenie discovers that the boat her husband had “lost” in a poker game is still very much in his possession. That night, dressed all in black, Feenie sneaks onto his property to take a covert photograph of the boat. It is a simple plan. Instead, she gets manhandled to the ground and pitched into the lake by an unknown assailant. Suddenly Feenie is thrown into the middle of an investigation that is far more dangerous than catching her lying, thieving ex-husband. Her main ally is Marco Juarez, who mysteriously reappears in her life just when she needs him. If she can find out what Marco is hiding and keep her traitorous body from melting every time she’s around him, she just might survive.

Marco Juarez is a man on a mission and Feenie is the woman with the information he needs. He’s given up everything to pursue Feenie’s ex-husband, but how far is he willing to use her to get his revenge?

The characters in the book feel real and there are many minor characters that bring the small Texas town to life. Feenie is smart and resourceful, but definitely out of her comfort zone. Marco Juarez is a sexy, secretive hero, haunted by an unresolved past. His loyalty and love for his family and his fierce protection of Feenie will send alternating waves of warmth and heat through every female reader.

Laura Griffin has written a complex, romantic suspense that will keep readers turning the pages late into the night. The plot is well-developed with subtle red herrings and a large cast of characters that fit together in a smart, well-written suspense thriller.


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